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Websites and digital marketing are changing all the time.

It is hard to keep up with everything you should or could be doing to market your business online, to keep your website current and useful, to get the most bang for your digital marketing buck.

You’ve got enough to do just running your business or organization.

At Sparkem Studio, we build websites that are integrated with digital marketing strategies so you can get the visitors  you want to your website and communicate clearly with them when you get them there.

We are your partner, your long-term go-to resource for your website and digital marketing,

Work with us and get the website and marketing plan you need to succeed.

Sparkem Studio Services

Website Redesigns

Turn that dinosaur into an effective website for your business or organization.

  • Are you leaving money on the table because of a lack of good marketing integration on your website?
  • Does a bad or dated design make your company look out of touch with modern audiences?
  • Is your website content unclear, or not written to talk to your ideal customer?
  • Are site visitors having a hard time finding content on your site?
  • Is your site fully functional on smartphones and tablets? (52.2% of website visitors are on mobile devices these days. Your site must work well on mobile!)

We can help! Here’s how:

  1. We will work with you to evaluate what’s working and what’s not on your website.
  2. We will then come up with a plan to fix it.
  3. And finally, we’ll get cracking on the implementation of your new integrated website and marketing plan.

New Website Design & Development

A website with marketing integration is your key to success.

You’re starting a new business or enterprise, which is exciting. But also a bit scary. You have a big hurdle to climb getting new leads or customers or business in the door. And your website and digital marketing is key to that effort.

For new designs, we work with you to make sure your website conveys who you are and what you do, is integrated with a marketing plan to get traffic to your website and get leads or customers in the door, and gets you the results you want for your new enterprise.

You need more than just a website.

Website and marketing integrated from the get-go is the best recipe for success for any new business or organization.

Contact us to create an online marketing engine that will drive the success you’re after.

Digital Marketing

Don’t let your website get lonely.

A website with no traffic, no conversions on the site, may be a pretty vanity piece, but it is not going to do you any good. You won’t get the leads or business you need, your dog will be sad that you’re so stressed out all the time, and you’ll wonder where everything went wrong when your business fails. We don’t want that to happen to you, or your dog.

You need a solid plan to get visitors to your website, engage them, and get them to take action.

At Sparkem Studio we work with you to create a marketing plan that meets the specific needs and goals of your small business or organization. We’ll work with you to implement the plan on your website and beyond through content marketing, email campaigns, sales funnels, ads, and integration with social media marketing.

Your marketing message should be integrated throughout your website and communications with prospects and clients. We’ll help you clarify your message and get it out to the world so you can do the work you are meant to do.

Let’s talk and find out how Sparkem Studio can help you expand your digital marketing efforts and get you the results you need to succeed.

Ongoing Website Maintenance and Updates

Keep your site safe and secure with regular updates.

As a nonprofit or small business, you may not have a dedicated web development staff or resource you can turn to when you need help with your website. At Sparkem Studio we support you and your mission by offering ongoing site maintenance, support, and content updates.

When you get a security warning or your website has a problem or you need help with content updates, we are here to help.

Contact us to find out how we can help.

Website Enhancements

When what you’ve got just isn’t doing the trick anymore.

Do you need some added functionality on your website? Perhaps it’s time to add a shopping cart to your website, or you need a complex form setup and configured, or special functionality that you aren’t sure how to make happen.

We work with small business owners and organizations to enhance their website with the new features, such as

  • shopping carts
  • complex galleries
  • online exhibits
  • third party software integrations
  • and more…

Contact us to see if we can help you get the website functionality you need to run your business or organization.

Website & Marketing Services

Website Redesigns

At last, make your website work for you


Content Marketing

Content creation and development to attract your perfect visitor

Search Engine Optimization

Get found in search engines with SEO

Graphic Design

Get the right images to convey your message

Landing Pages

Landing page design and creation to initiate action

New Website Design

Starting from scratch? Let’s build a website that meets and exceeds your goals


Blog posts, articles, product descriptions – get your message across

Lead Magnet Creation

Lure more leads with compelling content magnets

Email Marketing

Get your campaign setup, your content written, your automations in place

Maintenance & Updates

Keep your website tuned up and running smoothly

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