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Transform that dinosaur into an effective website
for your business or organization.

Whether your website is severely out of date, needs a new look, is going through a branding change, or needs new functionality added, our website redesign services will help you build the website you need for your business or organization to succeed.

Website Redesign Services

Website Review

Website audit and review to evaluate how best to improve your website’s performance.


Create a new look for your website that aligns with the branding, site content, and business goals.

Page Layouts

Create page layouts that enhance the site content, create content flow, and promote the site goals.


Restructure the site navigation so content can be found easily and important content promoted.

Content Development

Create text or graphic content as needed to promote the businesses offerings and convey information effectively.


Ensure the website works performs well on all devices: desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

Make It Work

Develop and/or integrate new functionality into the website, such as e-commerce, complex forms, or event calendars.


Search Engine Optimization on each page for better search results.

“If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design.”

Ralf Speth

Good Design Matters

Quality Counts

Imagine. Your potential customers visit your website. They can’t find what they’re looking for, theyre frustrated, they think your website looks tacky, and it doesn’t work well or at all on their phone.

What are the chances of them doing business with you?

When Do You Need a Website Redesign?

If your website is seriously out of date or performs badly it is time to consider a redesign. 

If you are rebranding and in need of a new look and website makeover, it is time for a redesign.

Any of the following issues can cause potential customers to leave your website and go scurrying to a competitor.

If your website has these critical issues you should consider a redesign.

  • The website is hard to navigate

  • The website looks amateurish or very out of date

  • A  lot of the website content is old or inaccurate

  • Key information potential customers are looking for is missing or hard to find

  • The website is unclear and frustrating in its message

  • The site is slow to load

  • The site does not work well on smartphones or tablets

Let’s Get Started Redesigning Your Website


Get a Quote

Fill out our quote form with basic information about your business and your current website to get the ball rolling. We will review your website and contact you to schedule a brief chat to discuss what is needed for your redesign.


Review Your Quote

You will receive a detailed quote for your website redesign and development. We will review the quote details and recommendations with you to make sure they align with your business goals. 


Website Redesign Begins

Upon acceptance of the quote, we will schedule your website redesign development and review project deliverables, timeline, and assets needed to build and launch your revised website. 

Individual Solutions

Each business is unique, and so is each website. Let’s talk and find a solution that suits your vision for your organization.

What our clients say.

“We’ve been working with Jonelle long distance from Alaska for over four years. The results have been great. She helped us build a beautiful new website, and moved existing content to save us time and money.”

Chief Curator, Alutiiq Museum & Archaeological Repository Amy Steffian